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Precision Oncology

Beyond Personalization for

Precision Oncology

A patient-first approach to optimize core molecular indicators with ctDNA insights

  • How can this NGS test benefit my patient?
  • Does it apply for early stages or advanced stages?
  • How does it help to monitor treatment?

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Beyond Personalization

K-TrackTM next-generation sequencing assay provides critical insights for a patient's genomic profile, allowing precise identification of treatment eligibility

Personalization continues beyond with selected driver mutations for each person's ctDNA profile, making minimal residual diseases (MRD) detection and dynamic monitoring more precise.

ctDNA utility

Besides performing minimal residual diseases (MRD) detection, our unique mutation & hotspot panel also covers dynamic monitoring of ctDNA profiles for patients at metastatic stages or patients without available tumor sample.

Correlation of dynamic ctDNA and tumor progression
ctDNA utility

A patient-first approach

To bring the most optimized, cost-efficient NGS test for a patient, K-TrackTM studies 04 key molecular indicators unique to each patient:
  • Actionable mutations
  • MSI Status
  • Germline mutations
  • MRD/Dynamic ctDNA


ctDNA assay Clinical Validation

K-TrackTM assay provides longitudinal ctDNA monitoring that showed clinical utility in predicting disease-free survival and early relapse detection in cancer patients. 1,2,3,4,5

1. Front Oncol vol. 12 1069296. 12 Dec. 2022 | 2. Mol Oncol vol. 17,4 (2023): 598-610 | 3. CO Glob Oncol vol.9, Supp_1 (2023): 110-110 | 4. Annals of Oncology 34 (2023): S1624 | 5. APBCS 2024

Performance Data

Evidence of Treatment Effectiveness & Early Recurrence


Technical Performance & Turn-around time

Technical Performance & Turn-around timeTechnical Performance & Turn-around time

(*) Turn-around time takes effect upon sample arrival at Gene Solutions' regional oncology labs and clears sample quality checks.

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